What's it like working at Ashton Tiffany?

“A few Christmas’ ago, we did a month-long office game where everyone who participated had to wear little circus-type hats at all times. There was a “patient zero” who would “infect” you if you were caught not wearing your hat.

People got really into it; wearing these hats to meetings, the Christmas party, and even for family pictures. There would be two winners:

(1) whoever lasted the longest without getting infected and
(2) (among the infected) whoever infected the most people.

I was lazy in wearing my hat and got infected on day one, and determined to win the second award. Spoiler alert: I did.

But my greatest “infecting” accomplishment came up by entering into an alliance with two other employees to track down and infect Mike, one of Ashton Tiffany’s principals, off-site while he was entering the gym to swim during his lunch break. The first alliance member was stationed at the office, to let us know when Mike left. The second alliance member was stationed in the gym parking lot in a conspicuous place to notify me via phone when he was walking into the gym, and I was stationed behind a large palm tree near the gym entrance.

The rest is history.”

Ryan Cole, Team Member since 2009 (well before the great outbreak of 2015)

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